60 years of Leadership

Pasolini has been dealing with retail trade since 1959. It is the result of a skilful entrepreneurial work, that has been devising and creating display and communication solutions at the point of sale for 60 years. Accuracy, design and experience are the heart of a history which still today preserves all the essence of an inextinguishable passion: the one for perfection.

The formula of excellence


A long history of success, four specialized divisions, a selection of professionals of the highest level. Pasolini turns tradition and solidity into the pillars of an approach leading towards the consistent state-of-the-art solutions at a steady pace.


Experts of materials, perception, visual emotion. Each single project is accurate down to the smallest detail, from the concept to its realization. No element is left to chance, for any note is selected and exists so as to compose a symphony.


Future-oriented in order to depict the present in its utmost expression. Any solution is conceived to communicate to those who experience it, as a user and as an onlooker. So that


An impeccable project is soulless if it does not bring added value. Pasolini portrays the vision of its Customers through technique, experience, innovation and excellence. Since any project features a unique voice waiting to be boasted