General Contract

Pasolini: guarantee of openness.

Like all the companies, we have obligations towards our customers, employees, partners and stakeholders.

We are convinced that the proper functioning of each model requires compliance with the commitments undertaken by everyone. Doing business today requires several, even new, skills and in order to keep up and face the new scenarios, we must answer with energy and commitment.

Within our governance we have the company Athena Financial Advisory that deals with our financial strategy as well as our financial marketing and thanks to its constant contribution Pasolini Luigi has undertaken paths of consolidation of its financial reputation, such as Private Rating and lastly also the accreditation to the Elite project of Borsa Italiana.

We embody the cultural revolution, for which it is certain, that companies will have to rely more and more on their own strengths and create partnerships based on Value and Trust both with their customers and with their suppliers.

We believe in the transparency of information, even financial, we also defend our business from risks and for this reason we establish a sincere dialogue in every area. We are convinced that the Customer and the Supplier should work together to establish a comprehensive and sincere communication relationship.

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