Visual Comunication

Our Visual Solution division deals with graphic and design consultancy provision, as well as realizing communication and decoration solutions for indoor and outdoor spaces.

The scopes to which it addresses concern various areas of visual communication that have as objective the implementation and strengthening of the corporate image.

Today the range of materials available allows to create innovative and enthralling scenographic impacts in order to achieve a winning exhibition strategy. To complete the benefit, Pasolini guarantees full control of the colour process with absolute reproduction fidelity on all the materials used, a plus that undoubtedly makes the difference.

With simple precautions it is possible to change the look of the sales or broad reception area and to customize or revamp the spaces in a short time, without interventions of masonry works and the interruption of commercial activity.

The employment of innovative materials, each one certified for the intended purpose, allows the renovation of furnishing, walls, ceilings, windows, floors, facades, elevators and confined environments, creating true spaces for communication with the customer, the consumer or the user in general. The harmony of the shapes, the chromatic and spatial balance of the environments and the conveyance of the message or of the Corporate Value are the results achievable in a short time and for every type of investment.

The Visual Solution division extends the service with a team of graphic professionals who will be able to translate the ideas into graphic drafts and renderings, the only tools which show in more in-depth detail the result and the scenic impact that will be obtained. This is the advantage of the divisions consulting approach.

The production capacity of the division, divided into several work shifts, allows the management of the contract in total in-sourcing, being able, in this way, to manage and ensure the agreed delivery times.

Depending on the use and the expected quality level, the printing can be single or double-sided, single or double pass, with the application of protective or aesthetic finishing paints, the most frequently used materials are:

  • Forex®
  • Sandwich Panels
  • Aluminum
  • Dibond®
  • Polionda
  • Plexiglass®
  • Laminil®
  • Cardboard
  • PVC
  • TNT
  • Micro-perforated mesh
  • Fabric
  • Canvas
  • Film
  • Adesive
  • Pavement proetctive film

Furthermore, several solutions can be carried out even taking into account the variants of the raw material; all the materials have specific starting points, hence only thanks to the experience of the division it will be possible to create original, alternative and truly innovative communications.

We address not only the retail world but in addition the ones of public and private industry, hospitality, health care, events and services.

The Value of the division’s consulting approach makes it possible to benefit from the experience and tailor it to your needs as well as to take advantage of the latter in order to achieve effective communication. On request it is possible to examine the samples of the materials and several printed examples.