We can not separate the vision from who we are and our background.

Pasolini Luigi S.r.l. was the first company to boast the awareness of the “marketer” in its DNA. Raised among retailers, it yielded the whole relevant communication mindset and visual techniques to better expose the product on the shelf or in the window.

We grew up with the teaching: “the need of the customer comes first of all and everyone”, understood as a chain of Value, that is our Customer and the Customer of our Customer.

It is for this indispensable Value that Pasolini represents a guarantee of result, it is the modern and flexible choice for every entrepreneur who addresses the market with solutions, products or services. The formats and the answers that Pasolini offers are the result of many case histories that have allowed to acquire in the course of the experience several, techniques, methods and processes, which today are effective and “turnkey ” solutions for all retailers, both the large and the small ones.

Our Vision is exclusively aiming towards the future, in an unconventional way and in a lean and fast manner. We are absolutely aware that today’s trends are very rapid and are changing much more quickly than in the past and that is why our business model is growing and adapting each of our divisions to the market demand.

At Pasolini “Vision” is synonymous with “Future”. That’s it! Straightforwardly.