Signs & Advertising

The specialized division for Signs & Advertising relies on a totally in-sourcing value chain.

From the graphic draft, to the production up to the authorization concessions for the installation, thus guaranteeing full control of delivery times.

The advertising sign is the hallmark of the Brand, as well as a fundamental element for the communication of a company. There are different techniques, ways and forms, all with different peculiarities, hence it is important to choose the model that best represents the purpose of use of the sign.

Like all the other divisions of Pasolini Luigi, this also operates through a consulting approach. After a first initial sketch, also contextualized in a rendering, the technicians will be able to accompany you in the choice to create and install a quality and highly efficient product in line with your expectations.

The Signs & Advertising division will also deal with all the paperwork and authorization procedures at the offices and bodies in charge, as well as quantifying the tax on advertising with the relevant Municipalities.

The currently most popular solutions are:

Their simplicity and compactness combined with the considerable possibilities of customization and the low maintenance required, make it a suitable solution for many needs.

It is perfectly suitable for indoor solutions and becomes in all respects also an elegant, exclusive and functional furnishing component.

Made with an aluminium profile (of different heights) and a tarpaulin in translucent fabric anchored and tensioned to the structure by means of a silicone rubber seal. It can be single or double-sided, self-supporting or hooked by means of brackets. The definitive appearance boasts great structural lightness and furnishes any space, at the same time the ease of changing the tarpaulin also allows you to modify the communication quickly and economically according to the needs.

The digital printing of the fabric emphasizes communication ensuring clearness and fidelity of reproduction.

The internal system is provided with led light, boasting a wide selection of colours.

Featured by a great visual impact with an important lighting source, flat luminous box signs are created by combining a panel with the extruded aluminium profile tightened by means of angles. The panel can be printed directly or become a support for adhesive or other personalized creations. It is widely used and appreciated for its adaptability in all contexts and spaces.

The internal system is provided with led light, boasting a wide selection of colours.

Particularly suitable for outdoor use they are very resistant and safe.

This solution offers ample space for creativity, but little to improvisation for their realization. Our relies on a great experience for the use and cutting of Plexiglass® guaranteeing a clean and meticulously assembled result. The 180 ° light emphasizes every creative solution, besides that stressing the shape and therefore the Value of the message.

It is possible to realize combinations with Plexiglass® of different colours and wide choice of led shading.

In fact it turns out to be a piece of furniture and a substitute for traditional lighting, so that today we can find an extensive use of it in large organized, large specialized and Retail distribution. The effects that can be created are really without limits to imagination and the wise use in the exhibition area can improve the shopping experience or strengthen the Brand Awareness.

A valid and innovative alternative to the classic light box. The front panel is processed by creating full and empty spaces with the name of the company or any other message. The lighting is discreet but at the same time focuses only on the notch spaces, thus bringing the communication out.

Particular effects can be obtained with a study of the relief that one wants to obtain, thus accentuating the depth of perspective.

Also for this solution, the choice of colors is very wide and totally customizable in relation to any Brand Identity.

This variant concerns the cavities of the tunnel filling it with thicknesses and volumes that create graphic effects, very attractive even when the light is off. The process consists in filling the notch with transparent Plexiglass® shims combined with a final layer of the same material that can be opaque or coloured. The final effect is really aesthetic and elegant: when the light is on, the writing lights up laterally, emphasizing its contours, while when the light is off, the writing is still visible both due to the effect of the perspective relief and to the one of the colour of the final combined layer.

The use is modern and trendy and is well suited to any size. The choice is especially suitable for particularly defined logos, whose profile is very precise and detailed.

It is certainly a solution of great scenic and visual impact. In a sign made with channel letters the lettering and the elements that make up your logo or more generally the writing, are made up of individual and independent elements. These can be either lighted from the inside (each boxed element is equipped with its own internal lighting system) or with indirect light and can even be unlit. The skilful use of lights, the choice of shading and the materials with which it is possible to realize a box-lettered sign are many and vary depending on the effect you want to achieve, the location and size.

This solution allows an endless range of applications, even if not strictly related to the Company sign, but opens up to actions concerning Brand Awareness or various communications.

Lighting systems are among the most advanced and modern, with the use of low consumption and high performance LEDs.

A creative alternative for your light communication. Capturing imagination to provide a pleasant shopping experience. A solution that is well suited for elegant lighting fixtures with different plays of lights, where the light radiates free from the edges of the structure. As for the furniture components solutions, they are beautiful even when they are off, besides that they are suitable to illuminate an environment or a window in an original way with very low energy consumption in complete safety.

The use of coloured fronts (in the whole RAL range) is apt to reproduce corporate colors by entering a context of coordinated image.

The insertion of shims or spacers at the base creates a highly appreciated relief effect.

Imaginative and creative variant for a widespread and powerful light effect. The edge is realized in such a way to allow a light beam to shine sideways, thus creating a striking effect of the writing, much appreciated also for the elegant and discreet diffusion of communication. Ideal for indoor installations or wall decoration.

The most classic of shapes and technologies. Despite this it requires preparation and an expert craftsmanship, Pasolini pays particular attention to details, such as rivets, joints and angles always properly positioned and built-in so as to assemble a neat and lean solution for communication purposes.

It is well suited to all uses, especially for outdoor even in large dimensions. Its resistance and durability (the profile is in aluminium) make it an ideal sign for fixed installations, ensuring an intense and well-perceived lighting.

Flat cut letters are the ideal solution to realize large signs. For the luminous version, spotlights are applied on the head or at the base of the panel to whom the engraved letters get tightened. Wide freedom in terms of shape and design.

Designed for promotions or interchangeable communications, it is a dynamic solution that guarantees a valid support to the company’s commercial or editorial calendar. Boasting deep effect even when off, they are suitable to strengthen Brand Awareness or to fit segmental promotion. They furnish the spaces and are completely manageable by the sales staff for the change of communication or the interchangeability of seasonal or commercial promotions.

Signal totems are signs fastened to self-supporting structures, made with metal profiles and bearing frames and anchored to the ground with various techniques to ensure the relevant stability. Preferable for “eye level” communications, they are particularly suited to emphasize entrances or promotional areas.

Totems find ample space also for events or fairs and in all temporary promotional settings and installations. Featuring the most creative shapes, they attract the visitor in a unique and strong way.

Ample room for imagination: boasting all shapes and colours, lit or not. From the simple indication of the place or office, up to the most complex decoration for the most specific uses.

The wide range of available materials makes the solutions quantitatively copious and can also be used in customized furnishing accessories.