Pasolini Luigi S.r.l.

The company Pasolini Luigi S.r.l. with registered office in Castelmella (BS) in Via G. di Vittorio n. 12 was founded in 1956 and is the result of a skilful entrepreneurial work that has deep roots in the history of the retail market. For over 50 years, it has been designing and realizing effective display and communication solutions at the point of sale.

After the craftsmanship of the first strips and rails to display the price and the preparation of small grocery stores windows, Pasolini followed the birth and evolution of the first supermarkets, creating innovative sales systems for the sector.

Today, the group is an important point of reference for large-scale retail trade chains and for the industry, suitable to offer effective and innovative display solutions, the result of the synergy between strategy, creativity and achievement.

Thanks to its firm experience and a complete and versatile business model, as well as an advisory approach and a solid reputation, Pasolini stands out as a true Partner Solution.

The company’s fundamental principles have always been commitment and dedication to quality, creative energy as well as proactive and collaborative spirit.

Pasolini works to create concrete, adequate and thorough solutions that allow the customer to establish himself sturdily and the consumer to enjoy shopping as an exciting and engaging experience.

Reliable and versatile partner solution, but also General Contractor for creating a coordinated image: the company is the only representative in the supply and preparation of sales and consumption areas, offering a turnkey service, simultaneous in multiple locations, which allows to satisfy the client’s needs ad hoc in the latest openings and renovations of already existing stores.

Thanks to the internal organization, Pasolini is able to follow the customer in every phase offering a service of study and design of concept, production and then installation of communication solutions for the characterization and the setting of the sales space.

Despite its strong link with its history, the company is absolutely dynamic: it is able to understand the present and anticipate changes, it also communicates through the most innovative channels and maintains an ambitious impulse towards the future.

Pasolini interprets with courage and flexibility the change that the market imposes, precisely its Distinctive Value is implied in this context and just for this feature it is able to understand the customer and follow him in any phase of his project.