Several of the company's strategic suppliers are longtime and the run of the years has strengthened a relationship of mutual interest and mutual trust.

With many of them we have also established sustainable models that allow the best financial cycle (dictated by the customer) and also for this reason Pasolini Luigi boasts competitiveness on the market meanwhile ensuring the compliance with production times. These are the distinctive characteristics of our company that arise from the philosophy implied in our business: victory is always achieved through team play!

At the same time, but on an international level, Pasolini Luigi is part of the SWIFT Global League, this international partnership links companies with different talents and different core businesses to better serve the customer and to join forces in providing a performance, which is one of its kind. The agreement entails no rivalry within the clientele, but rather a mutual aid to make oneself available to the partners for any services or products missing in a company catalogue. The aim of the “League” is to reach the utmost efficiency level at the best price. In a global market, where our customers deal even outside the national territory, it was important to guarantee the same service that our customers usually enjoy within domestic boundaries. Conversely, Pasolini Luigi extends the service on the Italian territory and therefore defends the common interests of the League. Our motto is: “Feel the Vibe, Keep the Spirit!”.