In-store Marketing (Product)

The historical In-store Marketing division offers a well-stocked catalogue of accessories and display solutions for merchandising, product positioning and emphasizing both on the shelf and on the counter.

Pasolini Luigi boasts over 3,000 references and for many of them is a manufacturer with exclusive design.

The expertise and experience acquired in the various channels and in the different sales processes are real benefits for the Customer and are realized in a modern and pleasant shopping experience.

We provide display solutions for retailers who believe that product enhancement and customer relationship creation are still the best weapons to guarantee continuous and sustainable profit.

Accessories and kits designed for all types of food and non-food sales, produced according to European standards and certified for consumer safety and total protection.

We work to create equipped and optimized sales areas for the best management of the product and its communication.

We have a widespread sales network throughout the territory able to inform and transfer the effectiveness of our solutions, as well as being a flexible and listening company to create tailored solutions.