General Contract

The most characteristic division of Pasolini Luigi, in which the company's skills and knowledge are expressed in a natural way.

It relies on an organization composed of senior and qualified staff that moves in a transversal way among the other divisions, knowing how to synthesize the characteristics of each one, thus providing effective solutions aimed at serving the profit of the Customers.

The multi-year experience of the resources that make up the General Contract division is certainly the most important and appreciated distinctive feature, because it is only the deep knowledge achieved “on the field” of sales areas and merchandising techniques communication mindset that allows to realize perfect and functional solutions, suitable to meet the expectations.

Any retailer must have happened to entrust renovations or new concepts to professional studios that create wonderful and breathtaking ideas, then realising that to carry out a project in concrete terms, further skills based solely on the experience in the sector are required. On the other hand, many must have entrusted installers with projects, which they had to share accepting stylistic or functional compromises due to lack of planning. All this has a name: loss. Loss of money, time or worse in terms of Value. And the price of a supply does not repay this kind of losses!

That is why Pasolini Luigi has conceived a work process that guarantees professional listening and the fulfillment of the Client’s expectations, in a concrete and punctual way. From the design to the installation. Each customer is assigned a single representative (Project Manager) as a referent and strategic as well as relational manager for all phases of the work.

Pasolini Luigi provides “turnkey solutions” creating furniture and visual communication for shops, pharmacies and parapharmacies, boutiques, large spaces, flagship stores, outlets, temporary stores, shop in shops, corners, concept stores and the whole food-division world.

Among the guarantees granted to the Customer:

  • Project management in compliance with the budget and the expected time.
  • Selection and sourcing of all the materials necessary for the project.
  • Coordination of all the activities and professional skills necessary for the project.
  • Total flexibility in adapting to new needs or “program changes” for ongoing processes.
  • Compliance with all the Safety regulations.
  • Customization, industrialization and repeatability of formats.
  • Warranty on reorders.
  • Qualified installers, employees or professionals of the corporate network.